Monday, July 30, 2012

Bass Master in the making.

Today was the first day of my vacation and Alex and I spent it together on the water with my friend Jason. The past 2 years we have spent quite a bit of time sitting around the hockey rink watching our beloved CT Whale but have been long overdue for a day out fishing together. We got up this morning and were blessed with a warm and sunny day. We headed out to Lake McDonough with no expectations other than to have a great time relaxing.

It didn't take long for Alex to flex his skill and put a fish in the boat. It was a big Slab Blue Gill which brought back memories of fish fry's with my dad growing up. He repeated this several times before Jason pulled in a spunky large mouth bass. We worked our way around one of the coves and before we knew it Alex had hooked into a healthy rock bass - which always intrigue me with their red eyes. As you may have noticed I still haven't caught anything despite the fish trying desperately to take a trip into the boat at the end of my line. I was seriously starting to worry that I forgot how to hook a fish! Truth of the matter is I'm on vacation and trying my best to relax which resulted in slower reaction times.
 One of Alex's Big Blue Gill's 
 Alex's Rock Bass
Lippin' that Big O'l Bass like a Pro - I'm sure this will be a 10lb fish by the time we get home!

Eventually my patience was rewarded and before too long the smell of fresh fish inundated my hands. It was a good day and now it was even better, everyone in the boat had landed a fish and before the day was over we would all have our fair share of tight lines. It was great cheering each other on an before too long Jason was rewarded with a nice 5lb large mouth bass. I now know what to get Jason as a thank you gift - a larger net! I was truly worried that I was going to cause him to loose that fish while trying to scoop it up in a net about the size of the one we use for the minnows in the bait bucket while out ice fishing. I know, I know, I'm exaggerating but we were fishing and every man needs to embellish a little bit, after all my fish was the biggest at almost 13 pounds. 
 Finally the fish like me!
 No bad considering he was doing all the work steering the boat too!
 The best fish of the day (if you don't include the 25 lb one I caught!)

Before the day was over we ended up with a nice variety of fish which included several species of bass, pan fish and a yellow perch. We now have not only some amazing fish stories we also have memories that will last forever and can never be taken away. 

 Me and my little man!
Jason showing off his catch - I told him to hold it farther away so it would look bigger!

The highlight of the day for Alex was learning how to drive the boat. He made several comments about how cool it would be to get his boating license some day and how much he wished he could drive the boat. When he told me that he wanted to drive, I responded as I always do with the question, "How does it feel to want?" Well Jason became Alex's hero when he let him sit in the captains seat and began walking him through the controls. Before too long Alex was chauffeuring us around the lake from one fishing hole to the next. 
Making sure he wasn't speeding
That smile is truly worth 1000 words!

Thank you Jason for taking the time to go fishing with me and Alex - we will cherish the memories we made today forever. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Parte' di Nonnie

Today we celebrated my mothers birthday. While I will never disclose her actual age I will say that my mother looks pretty good for her age, especially considering the stress we all put on her growing up! We began the afternoon outside on the deck enjoying the warm weather. Mom was surrounded by several of her closest friends and her family while she joked around as usual and we all watched as she opened her many gifts and cards. It was great to see Mom being the one spoiled for a change, she always is doing for everyone else and for a change today was just about her!

Not long after we started cooking on the grills the sky opened up and we were enveloped in what felt like nothing short of a tropical monsoon. Roger and I did our best to finish cooking and once the grills were clear we made our way inside to partake in all the delicious food. I took lots of pictures but decided that I would only post the nicest one because it is mom's birthday (by no means am I deleting the others though!)


     While your actual birthday isn't till Monday, I wanted you to know that I am proud to say that your my mom. I was blessed to grow up in our home with you caring for me and doing everything you could to point me in the right direction. I love you as do my wife and children. It was great watching you smile and joke today surrounded by people who care about you. I look forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays    and hope that each one of them is as special to you as you are to us. Happy Birthday!

Your son,
Charles Aquilino Wearne

Alex and Ariel with their Nonnie

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The house without a boy.

The week for summer camp has arrived again. I have fond memories of going away with the church youth group every year for summer and winter camp. As an adult though this week is bitter sweet. Rebecca and I always enjoy the savings on the grocery bill when Alex is at camp and of course spending time together without the kids but we both miss the laughter, the hugs and of course the constant sound of Alex talking. As always he was full of nervous conversation during the ride up north and especially bummed out that his cousin Noah wouldn't be with him this year but once we arrived you could tell he was excited for his week of fun and fellowship. This is his 5th year attending Pine Brook Camp and every year he comes home with great memories and the satisfaction of making new friends.  This year he promised he would write home and let us know how he is doing which will be a nice if it actually happens.

We arrived early this year and he was one of the first campers on site. This year he moved up to the Oak cabins which are much roomier with lots of windows and appear to be newer inside although they are still very rustic. The nice thing with arriving early was he got to spend some one on one time getting to know his two cabin counselors. He was excited to see some familiar faces of kids he knows and was awaiting the arrival of his friend William. I will truly miss Alex and his smile this week but at the same time I am happy he enjoys going away to camp every year and as always he me makes me proud to call him my own. At least Ariel will still be around most of the week so I will still have one kid to entertain with my antics. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

For the Love of all things Food!

I have started another blog - one just for sharing my love of food. Don't worry I will still be keeping everyone in the know here but couldn't resist the temptation of starting another blog. So feel free to check out my new site: Food Lovers Delights and let me know if you have any requests or suggestions on food you would like me to write about.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Growing Up...

While I am in no rush to become an adult, I am proud to say that I am enjoying Growing Up and considering that today is my wife's birthday she is once again growing up faster than me! It seems like only yesterday I couldn't stop talking about the girl with the beautiful braids at school and counting the days down to Valentines day so that I could show her she was special to me.

Here we are all these years later and I still feel like I won the lottery, not just the daily numbers either - I'm talking about the filthy rich for life lottery! I have a wife who is my best friend. She is the binder that makes our family whole. She is everything a man could ever ask for in a wife. I am still in awe at the fact that I got to marry my childhood sweetheart and hope that she knows how special she is to me. I look forward to celebrating many more of her birthdays together and even possibly getting old some day too. 
The Birthday Girl on our Birthday Lunch Date 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Education

No it's not what you think, I am not going to educate you on how to have a vacation, Sorry you will need to figure that out on your own. This post is about an educational activity we partook in on my vacation this week.
I have a Unit in the CT State Capitol Building and every time I work there I think to myself that we need to go as a family and take a tour. Earlier this week the thought popped into my brain and I went on line and found that there is a free tour every hour so we figured the price was right for the weekly budget!

Capitol Building

We arrived at the Capitol Building and took the walkway which connects the Capitol Building to the Legislative Building underground by passing below Interstate 84. The tour started in the Legislative Building and we were given tidbits of information about the building and the goings on that take place with the government at the facility. We then made our way back to the Capitol Building getting information on the displays along the way. The tour continued throughout the Capitol from the first floor up to the 4th floor. While there the Lt. Governor arrived and we were able to peek in on the offices of several other state officials. While on site we were able to find the desk's of our Area Representative, Penny Bacchiochi and our State Senator, Tony Guglielmo. Unfortunately due to the time of year there were no active sessions but if we needed to I know how to get in touch with both of them in person as they are always active in our town.
Legislative Building
The Capitol Building holds lots of state memorabilia from items made out of the Charter Oak Tree, State flags carried into battle and much, much more. Our tour guide gave us lots of information both verbally and pamphlets with which we could expand our knowledge. When the tour was over we were given free range of both buildings and were able to find displays that were tucked away in the basement. It was a great experience and we are planning on taking a family field trip when the government is in active session so we can watch them in action and who knows, maybe we will come up with something to purpose into law to make our State and Town a better place.

 Ornate doors of the Legislative Building
 WWII Defenders of Freedom

 How do you vote? Yea or Nay
 Chair Made from the Charter Oak Tree

 Inside view of the Gold Capitol Dome
 Replica Liberty Bell
 The Genius of CT

 In Peaceful times the Eagle's head points towards the Olive Branch
In War times it would be facing the arrows
 Amazing architecture and one of the 2 water fountains for watering the horses

 Hidden in the basement - we found them while admiring the painted state seal above.

 Metal of Honor

Memorial to our residents who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan

 These are closeups of the panels in the Legislative Building doors. They are hand crafted from multiple types of wood and they all had significance to the state of CT. These are only a few there were many more.

 View of the Capitol from the Legislative Building
 Floor of the Legislative Building

 13" Mortar used to protect our coastline
 Thomas Hooker the founder of Hartford and the Charter Oak Tree